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We are beyond ready to dig OUT of the snow and dig IN a new pool !!!!!

How is it even possible that the first day of spring has come and gone, ON THE SAME DAY? It arrived and brought snow. I believe mother nature forget to take her meds this year. She apparently lost her mind and completely forget she was supposed to bring rays of sunshine to the party, after all it is her own Spring Fling! How can the guest of honor forget to cloth herself in appropriate attire?! She must be getting older, starting to forget things....like THE MONTHS OF THE YEAR!!!

The end of march is the time when hyacinths, tulips and lilies bloom out the ground, they begin to peak through the brown soil. Instead they are trying to peak through wet, cold, white snow. Our spring flowers are buried under 12 inches of snow. SAY AIN"T SO!

My porcelain legs are in desperate need of lotion, fresh air and the warm sun beating on them. Can someone please let mother nature know AaroBella Pools is ready to "Dig out of the snow and Dig in a new pool". We enjoy water but we like it 30 to 40 degrees above freezing temperatures.


Cold Pool Owner


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