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"To Be Honest"

So apparently in PA we skip spring....straight from winter to summer, minus 2 days of spring weather. I am not complaining nice weather means we are busy. Busy with work and we become busy in every area of our lives. We...well at least I become more busy, if that is even possible. More house work (outside), more events (weddings,graduations,field trips, sporting), more trips to the gym (got to get that summer body..I think I lost it like 10 years ago) .

Working on this website is another more item on my list...."To be honest" I blog because apparently you get noticed on google if you blog, it is good SEO. I didn't know that much about creating websites, SEO, web analytics or even blogging but I apparently have gained a little more knowledge than the average web user. I don't think anyone will ever read these...but if you do, please send a note of what you are interested in discussing. I will begin blogging pool tips and product reviews.


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